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GSoC 2017 Weekly Progress Report #1

June 06, 2017 — Andrew Morgan

This is the first of many progress reports I will be writing up for my time as a Qubes GSoC student. My project deals with adding a configurable trust-level to all files and folders that specifies whether files should be automatically opened in a DisposableVM when chosen through one of our supported file managers.

The current goal for the first two weeks is to implement context menus for both Dolphin and Nautilus that appear when right-clicking a file or a folder. Clicking on them will result in a simple GUI to allow the user to choose whether that file, folder or file type should always be opened in a disposableVM aka marked as 'untrusted'.

My current progress has resulted in a context menu item in both Nautilus and Dolphin context menus:

Nautilus Context Menu

Dolphin Context Menu

In addition, I also have a simple GUI written with Zenity that is launched when clicking on the context menu item:

Zenity File Trust Dialog GUI

There is also a specific menu item for folders which will only appear when right-clicking a folder:

Nautilus Folder Context Menu

Clicking this will result in a folder being marked as untrusted, meaning any item opened within it will be opened in a disposableVM. You may want to do this to your Downloads folder for instance!

Currently none of these items actually do anything once you've finished clicking through them, but that's the goal for next week.

Source code can be found here.

See you then!

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